Money can't buy happiness !

I think it's true that money can not buy happiness. However, in this article I will talk about what I call the "happiness millionaire closely guarded secret" of money, you can buy something that will increase your enjoyment of life You see, while silver. You you really can not buy happiness, it can buy the freedom and liberty, if used properly, can lead to happiness there is no guarantee that it will be, but the freedom it gives you the chance. to increase your enjoyment of life.

You might say, "Okay, but what does this have to do with marketing" I think it has everything to do with marketing, and everything to do with why you're reading this? Section One of the things I usually do when I talk to a seminar participants say. "He's not here to learn how to make money." Of course, everyone is surprised, confused and do not know what you mean then I'll say. "Hey, if I gave you a million dollars, you do not necessarily make you happy, right?" And people are confused and frustrated by this statement, too.

But what I said then, "What if I were to give you a million dollars, but at the same time, the US government said:" The money is not worth anything else we do. "Then its value would be the new currency may be gold bars or ducks, and stayed here with a lot of greenbacks without sudden value that money means nothing?. Is worthless.

Let's take a step further. If you do not want money, if the money itself will not make you happy, what is it? There may be things that can be bought with money, a house and a car and holidays. Well, fine, but what would you give? A sense of peace, enjoyment or happiness. Bingo! Which it is ultimately what you want. You want the good feelings, you want to feel the monkey on your back, you want some peace and quiet. In his mind, the feelings associated with having money.

Money can do good, but can also harm; but it is not the money itself. Money is not the root of all evil; It is the love of money is. It says right in the Bible. How the money is used, it is the person who uses it. Now I'm not saying that to keep the money. In fact, I think that people have as much money as they want, because it gives you the freedom to choose and make decisions that can give you happiness that you want to enjoy - but can also give great pain if you know how to properly use freedom.

That's why you see people who are incredibly rich who are very happy in their lives, very concentrated, very balanced and have fun while you see people with the exact same amount of money that is addicted to drugs, are very depressed, they do not know what to do with their lives. Again, it's not the money. Money gives you freedom, and the freedom it gives you more options than before.

For example, if in a situation where you have a lot of credit card debt or have creditors calling, or you live paycheck, there is a constant tension in the back of your mind. If you had enough money you could pay all these debts and get stress from your mind. Then you have the freedom to enjoy the life you want. Money gives you the freedom to do more, to go for more holidays, to have the things you want to have.

Money gives you the freedom to choose to be happy, to create a life of happiness. To get there, I recommend that you start working on two things at this time. First, find ways to make more money. Serious investigation of what others are doing to make more money, because money will be the vehicle for the life you want to live. Second, choose the life you want to live. Decide what you will need to make you happy, or focus on the things that make you happy right now, and then try to live this kind of life at that time (according to their means, of course). As you get more money, the access ramp to the life they want to live. I think you can enjoy your life right now.

I know people who say, "I will postpone my happiness until you are out of debt, or until I saw the perfect, or until I am able to make the ideal holiday home" and well prepared to enjoy your life until they got a certain amount of money. I think you put your life on hold - and if you need ten million or a hundred million dollars, well, I do not want to wait for you to make that kind of money before you start to enjoy your life. Could not.

What I recommend is that you build the tools, right now, to enjoy your life as it is. Because that money is usually are magnified know it today. So if someone has very little money, but they have a drug problem, then what usually happens when they enter a large amount of money they receive huge drug problem. The money does not the drug problem disappears; extended. Now suppose someone feel a little depressed when they have money, they think more money to cure their depression. Well, guess what? She does not. They realize that is rich not cure depression, and increasingly depressed!

On the other hand, if someone is beneficial if they find ways to enjoy life with the little money they have, once they get more money than we are able to give more and more to enjoy life. So determine what makes you happy now. Create happiness in your life today. Work to earn more money so you can have more freedom. This will increase the amount of happiness a hundredfold.

Problems are part of life and business life amplified. You get more problems with business, not less. So build your business around your lifestyle, and try to find things you like - or try to fall in love with things that make you more money. Make a game of it, and you will not be disappointed. Of course, some games can be a real struggle; it can be a lot of work, and generate a lot of stress, and there are certainly many challenges. However, they are also very rewarding. I think you should see everything as if it is a big challenge.

Money itself will not make you happier. It will do nothing except maybe pay some bills. They can provide you with toys, however, because business is really a game. It is difficult to think that way when you're drowning in debt, just struggling to find the money to pay the rent, or food on the table. It is difficult to see the game when you are in trouble. But if you can hold this view, and if you can learn to be content with life outside the company and the specific financial situation which is, so when things turn around, you get happy.

If happiness was only money, not people commit suicide in Hollywood, you do not have people in Hollywood or Wall Street fell into drugs, live a horrible life. They are there to make money with a shovel, and yet many of them are simply hard to be happy. But if you can learn to be content wherever you are right now, so when it finally becomes successful, you can keep that happiness and be not related to money - if the money can remain just a game for you. It can be something that is used to track, and then you can use that money to do good things and help people and to buy toys you want.

The company is just a fun game, and we all play to win - and have fun at the same time. Remember the rule and apply it to your life!

How To get Optimal Health Naturally

Many people with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are sick and tired of taking thyroid medication and would like to do what is necessary to achieve optimal thyroid health naturally without having to take medication. Of course, some people with thyroid disorders should definitely take thyroid medication. Also, many people can regain their health back to normal following a natural thyroid treatment protocol.

If you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism or autoimmune thyroid disease such as Graves' disease or Hashimoto's thyroiditis, here are six things you can do to help achieve optimal thyroid health:

Optimal Thyroid Health Tip # 1: Whole foods are best. Eating well is certainly important for optimal thyroid health. Many people wonder what the "Thyroid Diet" is perfect, but it really comes down to using common sense. Eating a diet consisting mainly of whole foods and minimizing refined sugar and food is the ideal diet.

What is the importance of whole foods you eat quality? In other words, you should eat organic food? Well, obviously eating organic foods is ideal, but is also more expensive. Strongly try to eat organic meats whenever possible to recommend. As for fruits and vegetables, some of them are higher in pesticides that other (spinach, strawberries, grapes, etc.), and therefore should try to avoid eating these foods if not -organique. Of course it is impossible to avoid all toxins, and no one expects you eat a perfect diet 100% of the time. However, if you follow the advice given everything, so it definitely will help you achieve optimal thyroid health.

Optimal Thyroid Health Tip # 2: effectively manage stress. Most people deal with chronic stress on a daily basis. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to eliminate stress from your life. But most people can do much better to stress management work. One of the things I put in my patient health questionnaires is for people to vote for the amount of stress you have on a scale of 1-10, their stress management skills. And while many people are given high marks regarding stress management, I think most people do not that good of a job stress management as they think. Undoubtedly, it is a challenge to do this, but it is essential for anyone who wants optimal thyroid health.

Optimal Thyroid Health Tip # 3: Get quality sleep is essential. We all know the importance of getting quality sleep every night, but there are still many people trying to get away with less than seven hours of sleep on a regular basis. Of course, some people will try to get quality sleep, but have difficulty falling asleep and / or waking up in the middle of the night and can not sleep again. If this is the case, then you may need to change some of the other lifestyle factors described in this article. On the other hand, if you are then deliberately forget his dream he will eventually catch up with you, and will most likely affect your ability to achieve optimal thyroid health.

Optimal Thyroid Health Tip 4: Certain nutritional supplements and herbs can help. Some people with thyroid disorders may benefit from taking certain supplements and herbs. It depends on your specific condition, as many people with hypothyroidism can benefit from herbs like Ashwagandha and algae, while many people with hyperthyroidism can get natural relief of symptoms in assistance and / or motherwort Bugelweed. Plants and other major additions are vitamin D, iodine, selenium, magnesium and Eleuthero. Of course, the long-term goal should not be put on taking herbs and supplements, but usually are needed to restore the health of a person actually has a thyroid condition.

Optimal Thyroid Health Tip # 5: minimize your exposure to environmental toxins. Environmental toxins may also worsen, and in some cases the direct cause of thyroid disease develops. As is the case with chronic stress, you can not completely eliminate exposure to environmental toxins. But most people can do a much better job with this, especially with regard to food products, cosmetics and other household products they buy and take home. So be aware of healthy food and the products you buy can make a big difference here.

Optimal Thyroid Health Tip # 6: Get medical attention. While most of what I have just described, you can do it yourself if you really want to achieve optimal thyroid health, it's a good idea to talk with a holistic practitioner who focuses on endocrine disorders. This type of doctor that is necessary to assess their health and can put in a protocol natural thyroid treatment to help restore thyroid health back to normal, assuming that this is possible, of course.

In short, if you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, if you follow these tips, and six are likely to achieve optimal thyroid health. Although it may be hard to follow this advice, most people are willing to take responsibility for his health pleased that commitment.

Wealth meaning is to get rich !

Wealth means to be rich state. Being rich in what it means to have possession of money or property. Wealth can also be seen in terms of things inside. In other words, it may be rich in knowledge, wisdom, technologies, etc. What you are rich opulence vital for human and social growth.

The importance of wealth has allowed many people who want to do in recent years. Many people, if not all, the desire for wealth. They want to be effective in society, who want to control the properties and cash. In fact, many people want to control human and natural resources. Some desire to break the world record of wealth. The desire for wealth, is not compatible with the determination and faith, leads men to commit atrocities and evil of all kinds to make a fortune. Some people involved in prostitution, theft, robbery, bribery, extortion, illegal, internet fraud, rituals and all kinds of wealth simply asking. Bad practices in today's world can be attributed to the human desire to be rich to have a comfortable life; a life of happiness and pleasure, where everything you want the best and the core.

This determination of wealth led to my research on this word called wealth. Is there a way to get this wealth without too much stress? Can we do that wealth without leaving home? Is it possible to become a rich man without proper training? What are the characteristics that lead to the wealth of possession? Is there a particular secret to wealth? Can I be the richest man in the world? Everything is possible. Decision wealth is a product of thought. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. There are secrets you need to know to make a fortune. All good things have a secret, it is wealth. Its ability to achieve these secrets is important it is the only way to make a fortune. You can never do well in everything you do not know your secrets. Here I would like to describe some of the thirteen steps of Napoleon Hill proved to achieve personal and lasting financial success. These are the secret principles of wealth.

- Desire

This is the number one secret to wealth. Whoever wants to make the desired wealth should sit. He / she must be prepared to make wealth. It is only when the wealth that can be desired. The strong will and determination to make it generate wealth is only a good life in luck.

- Faith

Anyone who wants riches must have faith in wealth. You must believe that wealth can be generated. You must believe in the principles of wealth management. Without faith, we can not make wealth. Confessions persistence in wanting to increase wealth. Consider all the things for him / her. They doubt the possibility that wealth can lead to catastrophic poverty.

- Jurisdiction

This is a secret of wealth. Must, general knowledge of hand, specialize in certain areas of knowledge and skills. Your special knowledge of the general culture in your field and the rest of the population in the general area. In the general legal knowledge combined with specialized knowledge of marketing information products, the lawyer would have an advantage over their competitors. There must be a specialized and unique acquired, different from the general knowledge.

- Imagination

Imagination is a secret key in the production of wealth. Napoleon Hill called "the workshop of the mind." It is defined as the ability to create images in your mind. When you want wealth and start thinking about faith, believe like a rich man, speak and act like a rich man, while the mindset lead to wealth creation. What one might imagine, it is available. Thanks to the imaginative power of the mind, wealth is inevitable.

- Decision

Anyone wishing wealth is quick to make decisions, but slow to change. Decisions made in the body may face obstacles in life, but a man who wants more wealth can come these obstacles by persistence in his / her decision. To take tangible decisions are slow failure in life. Your ability to say no when necessary and thus, together with a decision maker. Do not wait to make decisions that can transform your life, because your life is in your hands.

- Persistence

Persistence is a secret key of wealth. Wealth is not resigned to turn. Quitters are the failures of our generation and for life. Everything we do, which is beneficial to take due care. You never stop when you face challenges and tests. Hidden in these tests and challenges are opportunities and real victory. Rich men persist in their efforts and decisions of life without which failed to secure the persistence of wealth.

- Sex Transmutation

Sexual desire is the most powerful of all human desires. When sex desired, he / she will develop the welfare of the imagination, courage, perseverance and willpower and creative ability unknown to him / her on other occasions. The ability to sexual desire in the transmutation of the creative imagination can make a genius of men. This can be done through established with a sexual partner, in this case, your spouse, your creative skills to reduce unnecessary loss of sex when it comes to desire thought. Instead of wasting his creative imagination to think how to seduce, approach and talk to the opposite sex, just use it in a positive and creative thinking could make you a millionaire. Investigate what people do best when they have fewer sexual problems. When a woman is with her inspiration, one can become rich if used positively.

In conclusion, wealth has secrets. These secrets are discussed here because the principles of wealth production. Anyone who uses them wisely and complain about the positive poverty. You are poor because you have accepted. With little or no background, world records have emerged rich men because they know the secrets of wealth. Applying these secrets today, wealth is knocking at your door. You're the next millionaire in your community and the richest man in the world. Congratulations to you!