Hillary Clinton has shown (again) to Donald Trump that is the only candidate willing to take on the global stage

This is what love looks presidential.

Place the night before, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump in the first debate of the general election and after 90 minutes without interruption return, which was as clear as ever: one of them is ready to be commander in chief.

While Trump emphasis is pressed, the empty rhetoric and lies, Hillary present a clear and credible vision for our country and to represent the United States on the global stage.

Diplomacy. the consolidation of the Coalition. Address. This is what the Presidential looks like:

She assured the allies that America's word is good, and reminded Trump that words are important:

“Let me start by saying, words matter. Words matter when you run for president, and they really matter when you are president, and I want to reassure our allies in Japan and South Korea and elsewhere that we have mutual defense treaties, and we will honor them. It is essential that America’s word be good. And so I know that this campaign has caused some questioning and some worries on the part of many leaders across the globe. I have talked with a number of them. But I want to, on behalf of myself, and I think on behalf of the majority of the American people say that you know, our word is good. It’s also important that we look at the entire global situation.”

the difference between the actual preparation and bluster was demonstrated.

“There’s no doubt that we have other problems with Iran, but personally, I’d rather deal with the other problems rather having put that lid on the nuclear program than still to be facing that and Donald never tells you what he would do. Would he have started a war? Would he have bombed Iran? If he’s going to criticize a deal that has been very successful in giving us access to Iranian facilities that we never had before, then he should tell us what his alternative would be. But it’s like his plan to defeat ISIS. He says it’s a secret plan but the only secret is that he has no plan.”

And she provided the leadership that the world expects from an American president:

“So we need to be more precise in how we talk about these issues. People around the world follow our presidential campaigns so closely, trying to get hints about what we will do. Can they rely on us? Are we going to lead the world with strength and in accordance with our values? That’s what I intend to do. I intend to be a leader of our country that people can count on, both here at home and around the world to make decisions that will further peace and prosperity, but also stand up to bullies, whether they’re abroad or at home. We cannot let those who would try to destabilize the world to interfere with American interests and security, to be given any opportunities at all.”